BallJames is the first truly autonomous optical football tracking solution to support fan engagement, visualization, betting odds and club performance.

Real-time and 3D

Delivering real-time player and ball data in 3D.


Detecting players automatically using deep learning.

Cloud Based Operation

Running in the cloud to reduce the on-venue impact.

The Future of
Football Intelligence

BallJames is the first truly autonomous optical tracking solution in the world.

Up to 14 4K cameras located around the pitch capture everything that is happening on the pitch, 25 frames per second. BallJames tracks all players, referees and the ball in 3D and real-time, with unparalleled accuracy.

Crowded Situations

BallJames PRO cameras, frame-synched and fully calibrated, give the most detailed pitch-view available: BallJames performs impressively accurate when it comes to crowded situations in the box.

How It Works

A battle tested architecture.


Camera System

  • 4K Resolution
  • Edge Computing
  • Synchronized

Cloud Computing

  • Real Time
  • Scalable
  • Distributed Processing

Direct Insights

  • Improve the Game
  • Enhance Player and Team Performance
  • Enhance the Fan Experience

Key Performance Indicators

BallJames PRO delivers high quality data to inform groundbreaking sports intelligence solutions.

Object Detection (%)

Player Tracking Completeness (%)

Latency of Fully Automated Data Delivery (sec)

Positional Accuracy (cm)

Core Elements

The building blocks of our unique tracking solution.

Choose Your Setup

The quality and coverage of BallJames output data is dependent on the quality of its video inputs. The product works guaranteed on our own BallJames PRO cameras, but might very well also get to high standards based on your own static analyst camera you have in-venue.

Data Delivery

Our data delivery is similar for all set-ups, and very quick and easy:

  • All standardized in FIFA EPTS format
  • Standard output file extension is .JSON
  • Real-time feeds are provided via live streaming API
  • Historical data via REST API or portal login

Coverage Levels

Depending on your demand and input quality, we can provide you with:

  • Standard package
  • 2D positional data per frame: x,y of players and referees, x,y,z of ball(s)
  • Fitness metrics: distances, speeds, intensity runs in various intervals
  • Quality metrics
  • Extended 3D package (beta)
  • 3D data: body orientation and gaze direction of players and referees

Need a custom solution? Contact us

Up to 14 cameras

Up to 14 in-venue PRO cameras
Real-time and post-match feeds
Output quality guaranteed
All coverage levels available

Camera independent

Tracking with your cameras
Latency, quality and coverage based on your feeds


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