2017 Kickoff: BallJames in Vegas

As a part of the Dutch Startup Pavillion, SciSports was one of the exhibitors in Las Vegas at the CES 2017, the biggest and most important technology tradeshow in the world. With HRH Prins Constantijn van Oranje as a special envoy to lead the mission, we were able to show the world what SciSports can do and, more in particular, what BallJames can do.

In short: It was exhausting, but also very successful. We found enthusiastic football (or as they call it in the US, soccer) fans and professionals and we explored many other applications of our BallJames technology outside of the football pitch. We encountered interest from people from ice hockey, basketball, rugby, American Football and even from the military. We ran out of business cards on the third day and were fortunate that we had three people to man our booth all day, just to manage the flow of interested people wanting to know more.

Here you can see a video of our CES 2017 promo:

BallJames summary

A technology that instantly transforms a stadium (or any environment) into a big MRI-scan and instantly turns that into 3D data. It’s called: streaming captured reality. It can be used for a variety of applications such as:

  • Automatically gathering statistical data
  • Provide goal-line technology for the entire field
  • Supply real-time 3D data for VR engines to be used by
  • Sports performance analysis departments
  • Broadcasting companies
  • Gaming industry

Supply real-time 3D data for:

  • Betting industry
  • Sport federations and regulatory bodies
  • In-stadium experience enhancement
  • Real-time coaching aids

These are just a few examples of use cases we encountered in the sports industry, but our applications range far beyond that. Our technology can be used in any environment that one can think of. Any situation that involves people and objects that move and interact will be instantly available in 3D data allowing you to respond, react, intervene, assess or use as a training surroundings.

In short, we kicked off 2017 with great energy, lots of inspiration and exciting new opportunities!

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