Onefootball Takes a Look into the Future with BallJames

Onefootball takes a look behind the scenes of tracking system BallJames at Heracles Almelo during an Eredivisie matchday. During the day several talks were held with, among others, Mark-Jan Fledderus, Technical Manager at Heracles Almelo, and SciSports’ CEO, Giels Brouwer.

BallJames is the first system in the world that tracks the movement of all players, the ball and the referee in 3D. The system is fully autonomous, so no need for human annotation in the stadium. The BallJames system uses multiple high-resolution cameras with advanced deep learning and computer vision technology, meaning that no sensors are needed on the players or the ball. The system produces results in real-time, so a coach can instantly assess his tactical vision on and off the pitch.

It’s like playing chess and trying to be two steps in front of the opponent.Mark-Jan Fledderus on working with SciSports

It's taking the gaming approach with the passion of football and adding technology to the entire combination.Giels Brouwer about the BallJames system

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